Tuesday, April 17, 2007


So. It's been a while since I've sketched..
The Penicillin Effect. Some of the best inventions were results of serendipitous flukes. I was playing around with Photoshop, while cropping this image, and ended up with this. The flower print would make a fun textile. Warholian lithographs without even learning to silkscreen.

Scenes from the Yerba Buena Gardens by night. The Creative Arts Ministry of GRX went out to capture images of God working in the city. I saw the flag, not as sentimental Americana or propaganda, but as a symbol of the star-spangled liberties we take for granted. I read a story about the plight of 3 North Korean children this morning, and all they wanted was to find freedom in the States. What could possess a 12, 13, and 17 year olds to risk their lives with the singular objective of attaining basic human rights and mobilize them with an indomitable spirit light years beyond that of an adult? At the age of twelve, I was watching as my peers emulated Janet Jackson's "If" dance while trying to convince my parents to buy me a bottle of CK One.

I was momentarily distracted by these rustic flowers one lazy Sunday afternoon at Dolores Park Cafe. Intending to write, I ended up sketching away.

And for good measure.. I saw this dog patiently waiting for his owner outside of Tully's in Cole Valley one morning that I missed my shuttle. You can't live in San Francisco and not love dogs. They're everywhere.

And last but not least, I leave you with some thoughts..


David said...

you are going to have to give me some some subtitles for the last one.

BeX said...

that IS a great print!! i would wear it, LOL.

okolewahaopio said...

i love it all, erika. the pictures are awesome. have you bought any new makeup?

Sarah said...

I must say that the originals are far superior than the scanned. You should really start a portfolio...hint...hint..;)

Scott said...

can you read your own handwriting? haha, that is some serious chicken scratching. can non-GRX ppl come to your arts ministry outings?

Kwangho said...

"I see such history. Richness in history imaged with modernity. ___ are these building ___ evocative of another time, a ___ ever. And this decadence fades art into the hustle & bustle mixed with denigration/poverty of today. We cheated consumers marching past the homeless. This awkward dichotomy where the homeless are begging for spare change & even the dogooders wonder of their ___, while being forced to examine their own. There is power in the detail, and down the street is emporio armani."

Wow that was challenging. BTW I like this one the most. =]

Alice said...

hi erika! =) GREAT sketches!