Monday, January 8, 2007


Words I like:
* vignette
* kitsch
* je ne sais quoi
* creme brulee
* loo
* tintinabulation
* cantankerous
* bullshit
* byzantine
* sisyphus

Words I hate:
* eczema
* trojan
* lizard
* fo shizzle, or any variation thereof, unless uttered by Snoop Dogg
* booty

Words I mildly dislike but could be convinced either way:
* algorithm
* horticulture
* ambidextrous
* prenatal
* provincial


hoon said...

what about moist?
it's one of those words that a lot of ppl wind up not liking for some reason.

jinerous said...

ooo..i like this spread too & the fact that you are supporting blogger! always a wonderful read, generika! :)

we shall have another writing date soon.

Passionate Eater said...

Blogs I (really) like:

* generika.

Dark but lovely said...

I am a Blogger now too! Strangely enough, I know two other people who hate the word 'moist'

Dark but lovely said...

Oh btw this is Christina, haha

Christina said...

hohoho - made me laugh :)