Monday, January 22, 2007

The Google Chronicles.

I have officially hit my 3 month mark at Google. And with the recent publicity surrounding the internet juggernaut, I figured now would be a good a time as any to write a little something about my company.


Welcome to the Googleplex. This is where I show up every morning, after a 1 hr+ commute and devote a good portion my life to bettering:

There are lots of things to see and do at Google, and even more to eat. Sometimes I get comfortable, and I think I've seen it all, from the Yellow Brick Road to the individual lap pools. But every now and then, I am caught off-guard:

Thoughts that have crossed my mind since working at this post-collegiate paradise include: 'Why isn't the toilet seat heated?' and 'I'm not really feeling this miso-seared halibut, but yesterday's fennel-encrusted cod, however..'. We're spoiled, I know. But they keep us busy with recruiting and meetings and such:

Sometimes I wish work were closer to home:

But all in all, I am a happy camper.

P.S. Don't be evil.


jam0nit said...

are those watercolors your work? there nice.. reminds me of Roald Dahl's drawings from his books. I'm still waiting to have a meal at google =P.

Scott said...

i wanna see google. nice sketches.

jinerous said...

very nice, erika!! so talented. the sketches & writing compliment each other perfectly. :)

Navin said...

love the post! don't know if my first comment went through haha. cya soon!

eunice said...

can i be you erika?

for a day at least?

think about it.

Becky said...

google food...mmm =] must be nice!

Caroline said...

cute narration for your sketches!

liz said...

awww.. i am SO jealous.. i wanna work here!

Teresa said...

just want to say hey. = )

okolewahaopio said...

erika, i want to use one of my sick days and visit you. You can leave me alone in that tank swimming pool while you do your work. I'll just sit in one of the cafes and read by myself.
Wow, i'm so proud to say ur my lil'sis. Your art work is AWESO.