Sunday, September 30, 2007

Georgia On My Mind.

The first thing I notice when I land in Atlanta is that it's cold. The air conditioner is on full blast, and skirt and thin sweater clad me is actually cold. And I rarely experience this sensation that others call "cold." Granted, I am making these observations from the confines of the airport, but still, this is not what I expected of Hotlanta.

Regardless, I decide to make the most of it and focus on the positive. This is my first time in the South, and I'm determined to experience Southern hospitality. It's been something of a dream of mine. As this will be a short stay - two hours, to be precise - I'll leave the hospitality for Louisiana and move on to more pressing concerns.

My ATL friend once told me that there is a Chick-fil-a in the airport here and immediately my mood brightens upon the thought of this. I am sleep deprived and in need of a shower but all my worries melt away. In anticipation, I make a beeline for the sweet tea and delicious chicken sandwiches but to my dismay, it is closed. I am thisclose to heaven and the gates are shut. Because it's a Sunday. Tragic.

Oooh.. flight is boarding. Will have to finish my thoughts from NOLA.

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