Saturday, September 15, 2007

Push zee Button.

So there's this scene in the first season of Felicity, when her parents come to visit New York for the first time to see how she's faring, and to convince her to move back home and attend Stanford. Defeated, she's all ready to move back to California.. when they hand her a set of car keys as an added incentive. And then she realizes that that's not what she wants. She doesn't want the easy way out. She wants to stay in New York and figure things out on her own. Yes, it will be hard, and yes, she feels overwhelmed. But it's what she has to do - grow up and live her own life. And as she fingers the keys in her palm and turns them around, the camera zooms in on her thumb inching toward the panic button.

So I got out my keys and pressed my panic button. Nothing happened.


eunice said...

i am you. because i pushed that same button for that same exact reason once. and shockingly, nothing happened!

yay for spreading felicity love!

Anonymous said...

things to try next:

1. wear red dress
2. cut off all your hair
3. take painting classes
4. go back to med school
5. choose ben over noel every time